While touring much of this past year with Rod Stewart, I've been writing and recording on my off time for my next release. My longtime collaborators//partners in crime Henry Hey (David Bowie, George Michael) and Michael League (Snarky Puppy) and I came together with lots of musically-infused thoughts after touring and hanging (and dirty martini-ing). I wanted to bring the rawness of what I did on the road into the studio with touches of film noir textures and backdrops. 

We recorded it at The Magic Shop in NYC with our über-talented friends. Fusing some of my darling longtime NYC bandmates and Michael's band Snarky Puppy, the sound is dirty, soulful and full of beautiful string and horn arrangements. We even yanked Saw Lady out of the NYC subway to have her haunt the record with her saw playing. The phenomenal Nic Hard is mixing now and maaaannnn, oh man...

I'm very excited to share it with you as I continue on my record-making journey (record numero 4!).


Lucy Woodward