My dear Brooklynite friend Josh Shneider asked me to sing a few songs on his Big Band project last year. This is an absolutely gooorgeous record. It's called The Love Speaks Orchestra and probably one of the best band names I've come across. Cuz it's trueee...

This was a first for me to sing vocal takes live with the 19 piece band. The players on this record were so solid that it actually felt like surfing on a sound wave or something. Is that too out there? They just carried me.

Check out Josh's original song "The Hurting Kind" on my music page. I wanted to record this song over and over just because I couldn't actually get enough of the melody. I also sang another original of his "When Love Speaks" and the classic "Lost in the Stars" (one of my favorite Tony Bennett standards). The record is getting quite a bit of jazz radio airplay so check out your local listings. 

Joshua Shneider CD cvr hi res.jpeg
Lucy Woodward