Rod Stewart tweets 'Til They Bang On The Door'

My former boss, dear Sir Rod Stewart, a man who I learned so much from over the past 4+ years as his backup vocalist, tweeted my album. As we all know, tweets come and go so bloody fast, in the blink of an eye, they are gone. But that's what websites are for! To hold onto precious moments from incredible (and sexy) men with the absolute sharpest fashion ever ever ever...

"Til They Bang On The Door" goes to radio!

Last week, radio stations around the country have added songs from my new album "Til They Bang On The Door" to their rotations! Listen out for it...

Timucua Podcasts Presents: Lucy Woodward

Check out the latest from Timucua Podcasts! The lovely and charming Dave MacDonald asks me questions about coming up in New York City, jazz school and my calling...listen HERE!

Snarky Puppy hosts the first annual GroundUP Music Festival!

Soooo, next weekend in Miami, Snarky Puppy will be hosting the first GroundUP Music Festival for 3 days from Feb 10-12! The line up is ridiculously amazing - Esperanza Spalding Laura Mvula  Nikka Costa John Medeski Bill Laurance to name a few. There will be clinics, workshops, masterclass and jams every night and I am pretty sure I will lose my voice by Monday morning. I'll be playing Feb 11 with my boys and part of a songwriting workshop with my compadres later that day. Then on Valentine's Day, I start my 2 week tour in Miami!  See Tour page for more info!

Music podcasts features this month...

Friends of Dan (podcast)
Fresh outta the tank! Dan was soooo thorough and truly did his research which was really fun for me. Thanks, Dan! 

Scratch Take (podcast)
Jeremy digs deep into the stories behind the songs of recording artists and their writing. Bits and pieces of the music that shaped me are peppered into this podcast including my favorite aria from La Bohème and jingles I've recorded. Check out the other podcasts - very cool!



I have been touring all month promoting my album new album "Til They Bang On The Door" (digital or physical).  Am covering some incredible ground, meeting new faces, playing with some super special groove maestros trio-style. October will be revving up the caravan once again for US Southeast tour so check out my TOUR page for more info! And if you haven't heard the album yet, go get 'er! Thank you all for supporting live music. Some of you drove long and far for these shows and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Be-yond.

 Ahmet Ertegun kissed me in 2002.

Ahmet Ertegun kissed me in 2002.

 Ahmet Ertegun kissed me in 2002. We were on the top floor of the Atlantic Records building in NYC. That kiss was a “blessing” to push you off into the world of record-making. In my case, it was my first record and I had just sang the “chosen single” 11 times that day – yup, I counted – making the rounds to different offices with my two guitar players. That “kiss” fairy-dusted a path for me into a career of singing. I shook my tambourine the whole time “la-la-la”-ing wherever possible along the way. I let it steer the heck out of me like I actually had no say in the matter.

 I had no idea what kind of journey I was about to embark on – that night, that year, the next 15 years. A mix of planes, trains and automobiles in practically every part of the world. But my favorite was always this: the stinky van on long drives with fellow musicians, full of countless laugh-til-it-hurts moments; everyone speaking the same language, on-stage and off. That’s where I felt the connection, kinship, trust and belonging.

 I met Michael League of Snarky Puppy a few years ago through my good friend Henry Hey. Michael played bass in my band and we had plenty of long van drives playing small clubs and theaters in support of my 2010 release for Verve. It was Mike who introduced me to the world of The Pups – my dear sweet Puppinos – inviting me up on stage to sing at their “Family Dinner” residency in NYC. “No rehearsal, Lucy. Just come up, we got you,” I remember him saying. And that they did.

 At this point, I'd had a few years of flexing my muscles in the “getting dropped-and-signed, dropped-and-signed” department of the music business. My musical ears and eyes were flung open after singing one song and I thought, “Ah, okay, I get it.” I can’t actually explain it in actual words, but musicians and other creative types will know exactly what it means. Something clicks and then you just go do what you gotta do.

 Yesterday, I released my 4th album, Til They Bang On The Door. Finally. I am pumped. I made a record that I am extremely proud of. It was made with friends and it feels different from everything else I've done. A typical conversation in the studio: “That feel good to you?” “Man, it sure does.” “Okay, let’s move on.”

 Trusting my boys (and co-producers) Henry Hey and Michael League the whole time, my incredible NYC music community, Snarky Puppy, and – the last piece of the puzzle, my label – GroundUP Music. No bull, no need to “get this guy” or “that guy” to approve it while waiting for 2 months. Nothing like that. Just straight up, good ol’ fashioned music-making. Bars were raised.

 Ahmet may have also kissed Aretha and Ruth Brown on the top floor of the Atlantic building, fairy-dusting their career paths, too. But I reeeeally hope Robert Plant is the one that kissed him back the way I almost did!

 So in short, thank you for checking out Til They Bang On The Door. I really hope you enjoy this little musical journey as much as we did.

Love, Lucy





Counting down to album release date - 7/15/16! It's the last few days of the European Rod Stewart tour. We played Madrid last night at the stunning Teatro Real for a small crowd of 1700 and now we are off to Lisbon. An amazing way to wrap a tour. Working on some of my own tour dates right now for August and September along with some other albums and soundtracks I am featured on. It's all shaking up this month and the next!! Back soon. Flight to catch...



NEWS! BIG AND HAPPY NEWS! My 4th solo album 'Til They Bang On The Door' is now available for pre-order worldwide!
You receive a download of "Kiss Me Mister Histrionics" with your pre-order. 
Produced by Henry Hey & Michael League, mixed by Nic Hard, this album is all about making music with friends who I adore and admire. More to come...

For digital, go to iTunes
For physical, go to GroundUP Music and Amazon